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An oral biopsy is a procedure that is used to remove a sample of cells or tissue from the mouth for further evaluation. Oral biopsies are commonly performed in Denville to diagnose or rule out various conditions such as oral cancer, cysts, or other abnormal growths in the mouth. If you are considering an oral biopsy, it is important to understand what to expect, as well as the risks and benefits of this procedure.

What Is An Oral Biopsy?

An oral biopsy is a procedure where Dr. Castaño surgically removes a small piece of tissue from a specific area of concern. This tissue sample is then evaluated to identify any abnormal cells that may be present, such as cancerous or precancerous growths. In some cases, the biopsy is performed alongside surgical removal of those tissues, as in the instance of removing a tumor or cyst. The results of the biopsy can help our specialist diagnose any issues that may be present and guide you in determining the best course of treatment.

What Should I Expect During A Biopsy?

The biopsy is usually performed using local anesthetic to numb the area of concern. If the tissues are deeper in the mouth, such as a tumor or cyst, oral sedation or IV sedation may also be recommended. This added level of comfort ensures you’ll be as relaxed as possible. You can expect the procedure and recovery to feel a bit easier than recovering from a dental extraction (depending on the size of the surgical site.)

About a week after your biopsy, you’ll return to our office to discuss the findings of your lab results.

Who To See For A Dental Biopsy

Most general dentists will refer their patients to a specialist like Dr. Castaño for an oral biopsy. Because Dr. Castaño is a board-certified expert in periodontal therapies, we have additional resources and sedation offerings that make it simpler to enjoy predictable surgeries and biopsy procedures close to home.

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