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Are you looking for a periodontist to provide specialized gum grafting treatment in Denville? At Castaño Periodontics, we specialize in periodontal gum treatments to help protect your teeth and prevent further damage. Gum grafting is an important procedure that can help guard against sensitivity, tooth decay, and bone loss, as well as improve the aesthetics of your smile.

What Is Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting, also known as tissue grafting or gingival augmentation, is a dental procedure to address areas of moderate to severe gum recession. Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue around the teeth is lost, exposing the root of the tooth and leading to sensitivity, tooth decay, and bone loss. Gum grafting involves taking a small piece of tissue and transplanting it to the area of gum recession. This can help restore the gum line and protect the teeth from sensitivity, decay, and bone loss. Gum grafting also helps to improve the aesthetics of a smile by creating a uniform gumline.

There are several types of grafts that Dr. Castaño offers. Depending on your health history, the severity of the recession, and where the tooth is located, we may recommend one type of augmentation procedure over another.

The Benefits of Gum Grafting

Gum recession and periodontal disease can cause serious structural damage to your teeth and the surrounding bone tissues. Tissue grafting is a great way to combat gum recession and protect your teeth in the years ahead. This specialized periodontal treatment creates a protective barrier over exposed teeth, restoring the gums to their original form. In turn, our patients can experience improved aesthetics, better oral health, and reduced day-to-day discomfort. Gum grafting is an excellent way to protect your teeth from further damage.

When gingival tissue is restored, it provides a protective barrier around your tooth and the underlying bone structures. As such, you can enjoy a reduced risk of decay, sensitivity, and tooth mobility.

Why Choose Castaño Periodontics

Dr. Castaño is a board-certified periodontist who is a specialist in gum grafting and other complex periodontal procedures. He has extensive training in tissue grafting and gingival augmentation and utilizes the latest techniques to ensure successful outcomes for each of our patients. Dr. Castaño takes great pride in providing our clients with the highest quality of care and personalized attention their smile deserves. With his expertise, he will help you find the best solution to address issues such as gum recession and restore the health of your smile.

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