The LANAP® procedure helps avoid the use of traditional surgery and sutures by utilizing specialized lasers to clean out periodontal pockets of bacteria in the gum tissue.

Tartar and plaque on the teeth’s surface can harbor bacteria. Also known as Gingivitis, they can lead to swollen, painful gums that bleed during and after brushing. As this progresses, the bacteria will eventually cause an infection in the gums called Periodontitis. Periodontal pockets form in the gums and separate the teeth from the gums and bone structure. Unless this disease is treated, the infection will continue to worsen and the tooth will eventually be lost.

To repair the damage to the tissue, the infection has to be cleaned out and the pockets have to be sealed off. In the past, that meant oral surgery with sutures. The LANAP® procedure is a minimally invasive, patient-friendly procedure that uses laser technology to remove the diseased tissue and bacteria. The laser is also used to help seal the pocket so that new germs can not get back in. There is less trauma to the gum tissue, thus reducing the healing time and providing a more comfortable procedure for the patient.